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Soul Journey with Ainslie MacLeod Part 1

October 18, 2022 Johnny Season 3 Episode 2
What's the Pasta Podcast
Soul Journey with Ainslie MacLeod Part 1
Show Notes

Johnny sits down with renowned past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author, Ainslie MacLeod. In this 2 part conversation, Ainslie tells us about spirit guides, the cycle of reincarnation, soul ages and levels, soul types and influences, past life phobias and interests, and more! This is episode is Part 1 of the conversation. 

More about Ainslie MacLeod:
Ainslie MacLeod has spent more than a decade working as a past-life centric psychic, spiritual teacher, and writer. His book The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended  has received critical acclaim as have his other 2 books The Transformation: Healing Your Past Lives to Realize Your Souls Potential and The Old Soul’s Guide Book. He has been interviewed and featured by Oprah Winfrey on her Super Soul Conversations and by Ellen DeGenres on the Ellen DeGeneres show. And Ainslie’s numerous clients have stated that his past-life services have helped them to make profound discoveries that have informed and changed the course of their lives. 




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